Choosing the right flooring for your kitchen can be difficult. The kitchen can be one of the messiest rooms of the house, since it is the area where all the food preparation, eating, and clean-up occurs. What type of floor can handle that? A hardwood floor can! That’s right– wood flooring in the kitchen is becoming more and more popular with homeowners, and here’s why:

  • wood floorsWood floors are durable and can withstand anything a normal kitchen will throw at them. Make sure you choose a hardwood like oak, walnut, or mahogany instead of pine or cedar (which are softer). It will also help to go with a pre-sealed wood that is treated to resist water. Choosing a sealed floor will allow you to sweep and mop like normal while not having the pain of waxing. With sealed wood flooring, you won’t have to worry about daily spills or messes harming the wood; just clean them up and don’t give it a second thought. The only water damage you should fear is if you have a major appliance leak or catastrophe, which, thankfully, isn’t too likely.
  • You can extend the wood flooring from the other areas of your house into your kitchen to create a seamless transition. Hardwood floors are great for open floor plans or if you are trying to create a “great room” where everything is connected.
  • Wood flooring is more comfortable than harder flooring options. Give your kitchen a warmer feel with hardwood floors. The comfort and warmth of the wood make your kitchen a place the entire family can relax and enjoy together.