The Different Types of Kitchen Flooring You Should ConsiderKitchen flooring has a lot more options than bathroom flooring, but perhaps not as many options as the rest of the house. For example, having carpet in the kitchen would make it impossible to keep clean, and it would be a constant source of bacterial growth. However, there are many other viable flooring options that you may not have even considered in the kitchen.

Choices such as laminate flooring, whether slide-and-lock style or sealed, would be acceptable. Vinyl and linoleum tile are also very common in kitchens, as they are easy-to-clean and water-resistant. If you don’t like having seams from tiles, you can get sheet vinyl or linoleum, making the flooring seam-free.

One of the new, rising trends in kitchen flooring is to have concrete flooring. Because concrete can be tinted with color, poured into unique designs and spaces, and even decorated with items such as small pebbles or shells, it is very much accepted as a good kitchen flooring option. It’s also easy to clean, as water will not hurt it, and it doesn’t stain as long as it’s been sealed.

Another growing trend is cork or bamboo kitchen flooring, which is natural and gives some warmth to the room, as does hardwood flooring, which is quite possibly the most popular flooring found in kitchens today.

There are other, more unique but effective options in kitchen flooring, as well. Be sure to look through your options, find what suits your style, and always talk with a professional to get some insight and advice before renovating your kitchen flooring.


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