The Many Types of Kitchen Counter TopsIt is absolutely amazing how many types of materials are now being used in the production of kitchen counter tops. Furthermore, in each category, there are sometimes hundreds of colors, styles and design options. No longer does a Lake Norman homeowner have to settle for a run-of-the-mill kitchen design – a custom look is easily attainable.

  1. Laminate – Yes, laminate counter tops are still available, and they are far from being the outdated and ugly option they are often still thought to be. Laminate kitchen counter tops are a budget-friendly choice, and there are far more color options than there used to be.
  2. Granite – Granite kitchen counter tops are perfect for homeowners who want the look of marble but prefer a product more resistant to stains. Granite has more color options, as well. It is a luxurious look that is well worth the higher price tag. To keep it looking great, however, it does need to be sealed regularly.
  3. Engineered Stone – This product is constructed primarily with quartz, so engineered stone kitchen counter tops are often referred to as quartz counter tops. They are far less expensive than marble or granite, but do not have the ability to handle heat like those materials can. Because it is an engineered product, these counter tops are able to be produced in a wide variety of colors.
  4. Solid Surface – With all the other options, this one (Corian) has begun to fall out of favor because, although it costs about the same as engineered stone, it can be damaged far easier. One benefit is that a seamless counter, sink and backsplash can be attained.
  5. Other – Creativity is king when it comes to kitchen counter top choices, with new arrivals coming along regularly. Soapstone, stainless steel, “green” options such as paper and plant composites and recycled glass, slate, onyx, wood, ceramic and even precast concrete are being used to construct unique kitchen counter tops. Each of these materials has benefits and concerns, so be sure to discuss these with your kitchen remodeling contractor before making a choice.


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