Custom ShowersAs you consider ways to upgrade or remodel your home, consider how much time you spend in the shower. A custom shower that matches your style can take your ordinary bathroom and transform it into the luxurious spa retreat you’ve always wanted. Whether you prefer traditional or modern décor (or any other style), there is a custom shower to suit your needs and desires.

Types of custom showers with doors:

  • Frameless Glass is easy to clean and maintain. There are now some types of glass with a baked-on finish that prevents water spots and the buildup of soap scum.
  • Aluminum and Glass can mimic the look and feel of tile. This combination of aluminum framing and glass panels can be customized by size and layout.
  • Textured or Frosted Glass is another option that provides privacy.
  • Framed Glass is a timeless option. There are many different finishes of metal framing available.
  • Combine Tile and Glass for an enclosure unlike any other.
  • If you don’t have room for a swinging door, consider a sliding door instead.

If you want to avoid a shower door, consider these alternatives:

  • Glass blocks are versatile, and there are so many to choose from. Different patterns, textures, styles, thicknesses and colors allow you to create a truly unique custom shower.
  • Use tempered, hinged glass to enclose your tub and avoid the curtain, too. This glass is durable and can be textured or frosted for privacy.
  • Use a tiled wall to separate the shower space from the rest of the bathroom. Heat lamps in the ceiling or a heated floor can keep you from feeling cold while showering.