New Trends in Kitchen Counter TopsWhen you think of getting new kitchen counter tops, you may think of the cheaper laminate kitchen counter tops, or the more common granite kitchen counter tops. However, did you know there are a large variety of kitchen counter tops available that allow you to create the custom kitchen you’ve always wanted? And did you know that the best place to learn more about those counter tops is at Carolinas Custom Kitchen & Bath Center?

Servicing the Lake Norman and Mooresville, North Carolina area, our company has everything you need to remodel your kitchen and bathroom, including kitchen counter tops. Though we do offer the very popular granite kitchen counter tops, we also have quartz counter tops, recycled glass counter tops, and even concrete counter tops.

The newest trends in kitchen counter tops may raise an eyebrow, but each of these counter tops has many benefits that will add quality to your kitchen. Granite is fairly low maintenance, heat resistant, and should be sealed about once a year to prevent bacterial growth. Quartz counter tops, which are quickly gaining almost as much popularity as granite, are also heat-resistant, as well as scratch and stain-resistant. Concrete is a bit more versatile, as it can be molded into unique designs, tinted to become any color, and can be smooth or embedded with stones or seashells. Last but not least, recycled glass counter tops, while they are 70%-85% glass, are made with a base binder of cement or petroleum.

If you are considering replacing or upgrading your kitchen counter tops, be sure to call or visit us to see what options are available for you!