Top Features to Add to a Custom Kitchen

One of the best things about having a custom kitchen put into your home is not being limited to standard choices. It is only natural to want to incorporate as many features as you can so that you end up with a beautiful and highly functional kitchen. As with any home improvement, you also want to be sure you are adding value to your home, so it may help to know which features are in the highest demand. Here are a few of the top features you should consider as part of your custom kitchen:

  • Kitchen Island – The added storage provided in a kitchen island makes it an important feature to add to your custom kitchen.
  • Pantry Cabinet – A traditional kitchen involves all lower and upper cabinets, but one with a pantry cabinet that extends from floor to ceiling is perfect for food storage as well as an extra space for small kitchen appliances.
  • Desk Area – If you are someone who likes to access your laptop for recipes and cooking videos, or you enjoy having a special spot to plan the weekly menu or have a child do homework while you prepare dinner, a desk area in your custom kitchen will be quite useful.
  • Special Touches – There are many added touches you can incorporate into your custom kitchen to make it more functional and beautiful. Consider pull-out shelves, cookbook shelves, a spice storage cabinet, soft close doors and drawers, knife storage, and more.

If you would like to know more about the many additions you could make to a custom kitchen, stop by our showroom here at Carolinas Custom Kitchen & Bath Center. You’ll get inspired and our design team will go over your many options, including cabinetry choices and more, so that you can get the kitchen of your dreams.