Kitchen IslandsKitchen islands are becoming a very popular addition to new homes and kitchen remodels. If you are considering a kitchen remodel and trying to figure out the design, don’t forget to add in a kitchen island. Though there are many ways kitchen islands benefit a home and its occupants, here are the top five perks that you can expect.

  1. Additional counter space. This may seem like an obvious benefit, but many people do not consider how important additional counter space can be for a kitchen. With all of the appliances needed nowadays, like toasters, toaster ovens, coffee makers, can openers, food processors, and blenders, counters can quickly become overrun and cluttered. The additional counterpace that kitchen islands offer means more room for your work and appliances.
  2. Informal seating. If you like to keep your dining table clean and decorated, a kitchen island can offer an area for eating. That way, you can keep the spills and dirty dishes in the kitchen instead of the dining room when you and the kids are rushing to get ready for school and work each morning.
  3. Extra storage space. Instead of a wide area that goes unused in the center of your kitchen, kitchen islands give you extra space for countertop storage and even cabinet storage. This is especially beneficial for smaller kitchens that do not have much wall space for more cabinets.
  4. More area for family time. Kitchen islands provide the perfect area for family cooking, homework time, and even play time. While you are busy getting meals ready, your family can be close by at the kitchen island, getting their own work done.
  5. Flexibility with appliances. Kitchen islands are very versatile with your needs. You can add a sink, dishwasher, stovetop, or oven to your kitchen island to make even more use of your kitchen’s space.

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