Granite CountertopsIf you have been considering updating or remodeling your current kitchen, one of the best ways to accomplish this is by adding granite countertops. Whether your home is being updated in preparation for selling or for your own enjoyment, granite countertops will not disappoint. Here are ten reasons why granite countertops will enhance your kitchen.

  1. Timeless. Granite does not go out of style; it has been sought after for thousands of years.
  2. Beautiful. Granite countertops have depth, shine, and are found in a multitude of colors. Their beauty makes them the star of the kitchen and desirable to homeowners.
  3. Durable. The durability of granite is mostly unmatched. It is strong and has the ability to even outlive your home when properly cared for and maintained.
  4. Valuable. Granite can be a very expensive product, but this expense means high quality and instant value added to your home.
  5. Clean. Granite does not harbor bacteria, so you do not have to fear that you have not cleaned your counters “well enough”.
  6. Heat Resistant. Granite will not be warped or damaged by heat, so items can be pulled off of the stove or out of the oven and set right on your countertops without worry.
  7. Easy to Clean. With only a little mild soap and water, you can simply wipe down your granite countertops for a fast and easy clean.
  8. Unique. Every piece of granite is different. This fact is what adds a unique look and beauty to your kitchen that will not be found in any other.
  9. Cool. Granite keeps a very cool temperature, which is perfect for candy or pastry makers.
  10. Easily Shaped. Whether you prefer square or round corners on your countertops, granite can be easily cut and shaped to whatever size and design you require.

If you are considering a kitchen remodel or adding in granite countertops, our team at Carolinas Custom Kitchen & Bath Center would love to help. We proudly service the Lake Norman / Mooresville, North Carolina area and promise 100% customer satisfaction.