Raising the Roof: Kitchen Cabinets Up to the CeilingRemember soffits? Your grandmother’s kitchen probably had them. In fact, just about everyone’s kitchen had them if the house was built any time before 1990. You may not know there was a name for it, but a soffit is that awkward space above kitchen cabinets that is highly effective at catching dust, dead flies, weird baskets, and pictures of ducks. When considering a change in your kitchen, opt for getting rid of the soffits and extending your kitchen cabinets up to the ceiling.

Raised kitchen cabinets are ideal in kitchens with 8 to 9-foot ceilings. Some may fear that taller kitchen cabinets could make a kitchen appear too bulky or heavy with wood. If you fall into that category, consider glass door fronts on some or all of the cabinets. This makes a kitchen feel lighter and more airy, with the option of displaying dishes or other keepsakes. Not putting the glass fronts up to the ceiling with the cabinets allows you to store holiday dishes or put those awkward wedding present gravy boats out of sight and mind. Raised kitchen cabinets also make cleaning easier, as there is no place for the dust to settle on top. Crown molding completes the look and makes a kitchen a modern mix of elegance and style!

Designer Robert Bakes said, “There’s rarely a need to completely fill a room with cabinets. A good layout is a balancing act between storage, function, and aesthetics.” Consider the amount of storage you need, and then choose the number of cabinets to meet that need. Raising those cabinets up to the ceiling may allow you to reduce the number of overall cabinets you require, giving your kitchen the feel of being bigger. Our professionals at Carolinas Custom Kitchen and Bath Center in Mooresville, North Carolina can help you configure your new kitchen to include the right amount of kitchen cabinets for your needs and help you visualize the difference taking your cabinets up to the ceiling can make in your kitchen!