get every detail right when planning bathroom renovations

Most people can agree that the bathroom is one of the most essential spaces to the function of a house, especially if they have had the misfortune to experience life without a working bathroom. We at Carolinas Custom Kitchen & Bath Center understand that the bathrooms in your home are essential to maintaining your family’s comfort and health. Because of this, we also believe that it’s important to get every detail right when planning bathroom renovations. Our team wants to help you get the most functional, comfortable bathroom from your remodeling efforts, and to help you achieve that we at Carolinas Custom Kitchen & Bath Center have put together a list of things to keep in mind while in the planning stage of your bathroom renovations.

  • Plumbing- Obviously, the success of any bathroom remodel will hang on the plumbing. Do you plan to work with your existing plumbing, or do you want to have new lines installed? If you’re getting new plumbing, do you stick with standard 1.5” pipe or upgrade to 2” for better drainage? Answering these questions is an important first step in any bathroom renovation project.
  • Storage- Another important factor in bathroom design is storage. Do you have enough space to put all your toiletries and other items? How many people use this bathroom, and where is all their stuff going to go? Building in drawers and cabinets during the planning stage will help you avoid clutter down the line.
  • Accessibility- If you plan to live in your home for a long time, it’s worthwhile to consider how the effects of aging will impact how you use your space. Why not take the time now to make sure that your bathroom will remain accessible to you throughout your life? A level entry shower, textured tiles, and grab bars will help make your bathroom safe for everyone to use.

If you want additional assistance with your bathroom renovations, just call our team at Carolinas Custom Kitchen & Bath Center.