Antique-kitchen-islandRemodeling and updating your kitchen is a sure way to increase the value of your home, as well as provide added comforts and luxuries an older kitchen may not offer. If your kitchen is large enough to afford the space, a kitchen island may be worth considering. Kitchen islands started gaining popularity in the 1970’s, when an open-concept layout became more desirable in homes. These kitchen islands started out simple– a wooden table to put stuff on. In the last 40 years, kitchen islands have become more of the norm and have evolved in both functionality and style.

A standard kitchen usually has a sink, a dishwasher, a stove/oven, and a fridge. Since the introduction of the kitchen island, these features are now available directly in the island, freeing up space in the kitchen for other luxuries like multiple ovens and extra storage. Kitchen islands also offer extra preparation space, often offering built-in cutting boards that can be easily wiped off into the sink or trash can. As the desire for formal dining rooms has decreased, kitchen islands have provided more seating space as well, allowing three or more stools to be placed at a breakfast bar. Mini-fridges and wine coolers are also popular in kitchen islands, giving the possibility of a lock, where before there may not have been one. The extra counter space and seating room makes the kitchen a natural gathering place for the family, and the kitchen island makes prepping and eating together more comfortable.

While some kitchen islands can be quite bulky, taking up much of the center of the kitchen, there are possibilities for any variation of an island you may desire. Kitchen islands can be designed in the same wood as the rest of the kitchen cabinets, with a matching granite or quartz countertop. Others may be made from stainless steel, matching the major appliances in the kitchen. Kitchen carts on wheels may also serve the purpose of the island, allowing the owner to move them when needed for cleaning or other purposes. Increasing in popularity recently are kitchen islands with magnet boards, chalk board/dry erase boards, or cork boards. Televisions are also popular in kitchen islands, bringing the food network and other popular cooking shows right into your kitchen while you cook.

Deciding which style you prefer and what functions you may require in a kitchen island can be overwhelming. Our team members at Carolinas Custom Kitchen and Bath Center can make the process an enjoyable one. Schedule a consultation today, and you are one step closer to the kitchen island that meets your needs and wants perfectly!