kitchen islandSo you’ve decided to install a kitchen island; it’s a great idea if you have room for one. You probably wanted an island to help you utilize more of your kitchen by giving you more cupboard and counter space. Before you stop there with your expectations, think about what else you could do with your kitchen island. By adding different features in your design, your kitchen island can increase in both functionality and style.


  • You can choose to place your dishwasher or oven in the kitchen island. You could also have a countertop range or even the kitchen sink located here. Think about what makes the most sense for your kitchen setup and your personal needs. If you like the current location of your appliances, consider using the island for bonus appliances you would love to have (like maybe an additional warming oven or a prep sink).
  • Think about creating a bar attached to your island for casual seating in your kitchen. It’s easy to extend the countertop to make an overhang that’s perfect for a bar, or you could vary the height of the bar to fit your desires.


  • Use your island as the focal point of your kitchen. To draw attention to the kitchen island, really make use of lighting. Think about pendant lighting that hangs a few feet down from your ceiling or a chandelier that matches the style of your kitchen. Instead of a perfect square or rectangle, consider changing the shape of the island for a bold look. You can also use the countertop to make a statement; extend the countertops to the ground for a waterfall effect, or use two different countertop materials (a butcher-block surface on one end for chopping and granite for the rest, for example).

When designing your kitchen island, don’t hesitate to use the space. Consider these or other additional features for your kitchen island to make your kitchen feel more “you.”