Kitchen IslandsWhile not every kitchen is configured in such a way that kitchen islands are feasible, if yours is you will find this addition offers plenty of practical benefits. Even if you do not think your kitchen could include one, you may find that a professional contractor who designs kitchens can reconfigure yours to make this addition. Here are a few benefits of kitchen islands that will make adding one to your kitchen well worth it:

  • Counter space – Although kitchen islands may not be ideal for keeping anything on them all the time, you’ll gain the added work space and therefore be able to use your other counter space for your small appliances more easily. With the addition of an overhead light you will have an amazing work area for the preparation of meals and other activities.
  • Storage space – You also will gain storage under the counter of the island. This can make prep work even easier since everything you need will be close at hand.
  • Entertaining – Kitchen islands can also be designed with seating on one or two sides, which is great for quick meals and for entertaining.
  • Special use – The top of kitchen islands can be customized based on your needs. For example, if you enjoy baking, a marble top can be advantageous. Another choice is a butcher top so you do not have to worry about doing lots of knife prep work. Sinks, cooking surfaces, and other features can also be added to kitchen islands.

If you would like to have your kitchen assessed to determine if this improvement is possible, give us a call at Carolinas Custom Kitchen & Bath Center in Mooresville, North Carolina. We will tell you all you need to know about kitchen islands and how you can benefit by adding one at your home.