Kitchen Renos Made Easy with a Difficult CustomerIf you’ve been working as a contractor, designer, or architect in the Lake Wylie, Lake Norman, and Mooresville, North Carolina areas for a while, you’ve likely had your fair share of difficult customers. Here are some tips to make the kitchen renos that you’re in the middle of working on go smoothly so you and your customer both end up happy.

If you made promises to your customer during the beginning stages of their kitchen renovation, stay true to these promises. Kitchen renos can be extensive projects, and your customers might get a little testy if they find out a certain element won’t be installed or that the project will take longer than you planned on. Do your best to follow through, and if you can’t, be prepared with a professional and reasonable explanation.

Communication is the key to any good relationship, and it’s no different between you and your customer. When you’re doing kitchen renos, always be in touch with your customer, even if you don’t see them face-to-face. A simple update via email or phone call every few days will likely be enough to keep your customer confident that you’re doing a good job.

Even if your project is meeting every deadline and your customer is pleased with your work, something wrong is bound to happen. Before a problem even arises and emotions get heated, develop a response strategy that you can lean on if a problem does occur. This can be anything from offering a discount on your work or planning on having your customer coming into your office to talk things over directly.


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