Why Kitchen Islands are Popular

Home construction used to be far different than it is today. Gone are the hemmed-in kitchens of the past as open-concept designs have gained in popularity. Not only does this style make a home feel roomier, but it also enables improved use of the space. Kitchen islands are now possible with most modern floorplans and have become a popular addition during kitchen renovations. Here are some reasons why kitchen islands are popular

  • Seating- It is always nice to have additional seating in the kitchen, whether it be for a quick bite, entertaining, or a place for children to do their homework as you prepare dinner.
  • Storage- It might surprise you how much storage is provided with kitchen islands. That can be helpful for keeping clutter off the counters, yet keeping your small appliances and other kitchen items close at hand.
  • Teamwork- With the additional countertop space of kitchen islands, it’s easier for several people to lend a helping hand during meal preparation and other kitchen tasks.
  • Added value- Kitchen islands are very much in demand, so adding one to your home can make the difference between a quick and successful sale and being on the market for an extended period of time.
  • Ease of entertaining- A kitchen island can serve a functional benefit when entertaining. For example, it can hold trays of finger foods or a buffet layout so your guests can serve themselves.

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