Kitchen BarAs you begin planning your kitchen renovations, the question may come up regarding the need or desire to have a kitchen island, kitchen bar, both, or neither. So how do you determine what is best and what suits your needs?

There are many things to take into consideration here. If your kitchen tends to be a social gathering place during parties and events, having an island might be what you need. It allows a center for people to gather around, gives a central point to lay out food and snacks, and, if you bake or cook a lot, having the extra counter space for preparation would come in handy while getting ready for guests. However, if your guests like to sit down to eat or drink, or if you want the ability to quickly serve guests or your children in a quick, easy manner, a kitchen bar might be more up your alley.

Once you have decided which is better for you, there are many additional items to consider. If you prefer an island, you have the option of a mobile island on wheels that you can move around the kitchen as you prepare food or be moved out of the way if you need more room during a party.  Or you can choose to have a stationary island, permanently affixed to your floor as the centerpiece of your kitchen.

As for a kitchen bar, you can choose to have it lining one of our counters, raised with stools for seating, or it can be its own fixture to the side of the kitchen or perhaps separating the kitchen from other rooms while leaving the space open.

And of course, there is one other option. You could have a fixed island with one side raised up to be a bar, taking both needs into consideration and saving you the trouble of having to choose between the two when designing you kitchen.


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