Kitchen DesignWhen it comes time to do a kitchen remodel, you may feel overwhelmed with the options that are available to you. Ultimately the type of kitchen design you choose will depend on the size and shape that is available. The first step you will want to take when planning out your kitchen is the design that you hope to achieve. Here are five kitchen design ideas for you to consider.

Five Kitchen Design Ideas for Your Remodel

  1. Kitchens with a kitchen Island. One of the more popular designs right now is kitchens that have a kitchen island. There are many benefits to having a kitchen island, such as more counter space, extra storage, and an informal seating and eating area.
  2. L-shaped kitchens. L-shaped kitchens include two perpendicular adjoining walls. This is a great kitchen design that offers a lot of counter space and area for appliances. This is a smart layout if you do not have a dining room and need space for the kitchen table in the kitchen.
  3. Horseshoe kitchens. The horseshoe kitchen is a U-shaped kitchen with either three walls, or two walls and a connected kitchen island. This gives room for appliances and storage, and if the design includes a connected kitchen island, you can easily work and move around both sides for more flexibility.
  4. Galley kitchens. Galley kitchens are especially helpful in small spaces. This kitchen design involves two unconnected walls and could be described as a “hallway” kitchen. These kitchens optimize your small space, so you can still have ample room for cabinets, counter space, and appliances.
  5. One-wall kitchens. One-wall kitchens are usually found in very small spaces like lofts or studio apartments. Although they do not offer much space for counters or storage, a kitchen island can be added if there is a large enough area.

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