Kitchen Design Ideas When You Don’t Cook

As someone who doesn’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking, does it keep you from renovating your kitchen because you can’t imagine getting enough pleasure from it to bother? You aren’t alone. There are some who actually fantasize about building a home without a kitchen at all. However, you might want to consider that there are some great kitchen design ideas that could make you fall in love with your kitchen even if you don’t cook.

  • Kitchen Bar – Who doesn’t love entertaining? It’s okay that you don’t cook because your friends already know the food will be catered or involve takeout of some sort. They’ll still love to hang out in your kitchen if you have a nice kitchen bar setup with stemware and other glassware, wine storage, and perhaps a refrigerated drawer with lemons and limes all set for adding to drinks.
  • Coffee Bar – Unless you always get coffee on the run, having a dedicated coffee bar is perfect for brewing up a special pot of coffee, even if it is on one of those rare days when you can languish over a steamy mug while staying in your pajamas till late morning.
  • Microwave Shelf – Keep your counters free with a microwave shelf that puts the microwave at eye level for easy use. After all, those leftovers make great lunches!
  • Kitchen Island with Seating – Yet another great way to entertain friends! Choose a countertop that holds up to wine stains and you’ll be in great shape for gatherings with your friends and family. This is also a great spot to enjoy a cup of coffee and your morning newspaper.

If you’d like more ideas about kitchen design that work well in a household where meal preparation isn’t the primary use, give us a call! Our kitchen design team here at Carolinas Custom Kitchen & Bath Center can put together the perfect kitchen for your lifestyle. Whether you never cook, rarely cook, or cook constantly, you can count on us to provide you with the kitchen that works best for you.