Features to Add in Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands have the power to transform your kitchen by instantly adding more counter space and providing the opportunity to sit, entertain, cook, store, and more. You can get the most out of your kitchen islands by implementing one of these features listed below:

  • Leg room: It’s always nice when you can sit on barstools and chat over a kitchen island. However, the layout of an island doesn’t always allow the proper amount of legroom, causing you to hit your leg against the counter each time you move. By designating a niche for legroom, you can make it easy to sit and relax in your kitchen.
  • Integrated cutting board: Want something different from laminate or marble on your countertop? Try making your kitchen island even more functional by integrating a cutting board as your countertop. Not only is the wood attractive, but also very useful when cooking.
  • Storage cabinets: Adding cabinet storage into your kitchen island is a great way to free up space and eliminate clutter. You can have cabinets integrated into your island and choose from a number of designs like open shelves, glass doors, and accent colors to use as storage for your kitchen supplies.
  • Bookshelves: However, you don’t have to only put kitchen things in your built-in shelves. Turn your kitchen island into a bookshelf as well by lining one side with integrated shelves ready to store books and décor.

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