Don’t Hesitate to Be Creative with Colorful Kitchen Cabinets

There was a time when kitchens were predominantly filled with color. You might remember a harvest gold or avocado green appliance back in the day. When that trend ended, it was like the toner running out on a color laser printer. Everything shifted to neutral colors, and white or wooden kitchen cabinets became popular choices. It might surprise you to learn that color is back! Earthy colors and even some bold colors are in demand, so you shouldn’t hesitate to be creative when renovating your kitchen.

A kitchen remodeling contractor is going to be your best source of information about trending colors in kitchen cabinets, but you don’t necessarily have to be limited about what is popular right now. If you plan to remain in your home for the foreseeable future, there is no reason why you can’t go with whatever color makes you happy. It won’t matter if you aren’t planning to sell your home. On the other hand, if you do plan to sell soon, be sure to consider colors that potential buyers will appreciate.

When choosing the color of your kitchen cabinets, take into consideration the other aspects of the design that will need to coordinate with the cabinetry. If you choose a color that is extremely unique, it may be more challenging to find a backsplash or countertop that looks right. If you plan everything together, you won’t find yourself struggling to get a cohesive appearance.

At Carolinas Custom Kitchen & Bath Center, we are happy to help you get the beautiful and colorful kitchen of your dreams. With a wide variety of kitchen cabinets, including custom cabinetry and hundreds of countertop selections, we are confident we can make your Lake Norman, North Carolina kitchen a happy place, whether you would like to embrace color or go with the classic appeal of wood or white kitchen cabinets.