Installing a bar is a great use of space in any kitchen. Design your kitchen bar to be everything you want by taking into consideration all of your options.

  • WET_BAR3Materials- A kitchen bar can be topped with varying surfaces from granite to wood or metal. Think about the theme of your kitchen, and incorporate a material that works with that theme. Though it doesn’t have to match the other countertops in your kitchen, it shouldn’t look out of place. You have many options for your countertop material: choose from granite, quartz, marble, tile, laminate, butcher block, concrete, stainless steel, and more.
  • Location- Where you choose to put the kitchen bar can make a huge difference in the look and layout of your kitchen. Many homeowners stick with a center bar in the middle of the kitchen (extending the island out to include a bar), but don’t feel limited by this traditional placement. You can have your bar on the perimeter of the kitchen, against a wall, or at a pass-through facing the kitchen.
  • Size, Shape, & Height- You have choices when it comes to the size, shape, and height of your kitchen bar. You may want a bar that will seat five, or maybe a small one that only sits two would be adequate. Although a straight rectangle is the preferred shape of a bar, some homeowners change this up by installing one in the shape of an L, an S, or even a V. The height of your bar can be regular table-height, or you can make a counter-height bar and have tall bar stools. The look of your kitchen bar is completely dependent on your preferences (and perhaps your kitchen size).