Bathroom Remodel

There is nothing better than a long, hot shower or a nice luxurious bath after a hard day.  When your bathroom is old and outdated, it can prevent you from wanting to spend time in there.  Bathrooms are one of the rooms in your home that really shows the age of the home. A bathroom remodel can help you get your bathroom up to date and can help you create the perfect space to help you relax and unwind after a long day.

Bathrooms are one of the most problematic rooms for homeowners.  Older bathrooms usually are not properly ventilated and sealed from water exposure. Water can seep into nooks and crevices and can cause mold to grow in places that you cannot see.  Water condensation and steam can also cause problems.  When mold and mildew are present, it can make the bathroom smell stale and could potentially make you sick.  A bathroom remodel is a perfect way to find and fix all water damage in your bathroom.  This will give you a fresh and clean bathroom that is well ventilated and sealed to prevent water damage in the future.

Remodeling your bathroom will also give you the opportunity to create a completely different look for your bathroom.  You can replace flooring, tile, fixtures, the cabinets, countertops, and even the lighting. You can also replace the tub, shower, and toilet to give you something more up to date and current. You can add a jetted tub, garden tub, or a soaker tub. You can also add more shower heads, and even a rainfall shower to make your shower feel luxurious. 

Contact us today at Carolinas Custom Kitchen & Bath Center if you are interested in learning more about a bathroom remodel.  You can also visit our showroom to see exactly what we have available for you.  We have many displays available for you to view and get ideas from.