The Best Countertops for Passionate CooksAre you or do you have a passionate cook in your home, or perhaps even two of them? If so, you know that a passionate cook has a vision for the kitchen that goes beyond that of the typical person. As a passionate cook, you want a kitchen that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also extremely functional. One of the requirements that you demand is countertops that can handle the rigorous activity of meal preparation, baking and even entertaining.

The main thing our designers at Carolinas Custom Kitchen & Bath Center consider when offering advice about countertops and other kitchen remodeling aspects is your unique needs. For example, if you have two cooks in your family who like to have their own spaces for prep and cooking, we can factor that into your kitchen layout. This might be accomplished by having more than one area set up with a section of wood countertop ideal for cutting and chopping. Another consideration might be a section of marble if you enjoy making pastries and such. If you enjoy entertaining, we might suggest a countertop that resists stains from wine.

There are numerous types of materials we can suggest for countertops, each with its own advantages. Some are better for handling hot pans, for example, than others. Whether you end up choosing laminate, granite, quartz, solid surface, wood, stainless, tile or something else, we have the experience and high-quality products to give you or your family’s passionate cook or cooks the kitchen countertops that work best.  Let us help you get rid of those damaged or outdated countertops in your Lake Norman, NC home and create a kitchen that is a joy to work in and exemplifies those culinary skills!