Choosing Between Wood Flooring and Tile FlooringWhen Lake Norman homeowners consider doing a bath remodel, kitchen remodel or other type of remodeling project, at some point they will have to make the decision whether to use wood flooring, tile flooring, or another type of flooring. There are a number of factors to consider when faced with this decision.

  1. Cost – The budget for the project is going to be a defining factor in this decision. With both wood and tile, there is a wide range of prices, depending on the construction and quality of the products. Wood flooring ranges from inexpensive wood laminate products to high-end solid hardwood flooring products. Tile flooring ranges from inexpensive ceramic budget tile to high-end natural stone, porcelain and glass tile. What this means is that, generally, either flooring can be considered regardless of the budget, but you may end up in a different section of the price range spectrum in each category. For example, a mid-quality wood flooring product may be in the same budget range as a higher-end tile flooring product.
  2. Durability – When it comes to durability, a lot will depend on the quality of the wood flooring or tile flooring chosen. Some woods are very soft and thus easily damaged, but if the product is well-constructed, it can easily be restored when that occurs. Other woods, particularly hardwoods, are very durable. Some tile is exceptionally durable, while others can crack or chip easily.
  3. Location – It is a good idea to choose flooring that will be appropriate for the type and amount of traffic that will occur in the area. Generally speaking, tile holds up better in high traffic areas or areas that are more prone to grit and sand. Another location issue is whether there is the potential for water damage. Wood simply does not like water, so it should not be used as bathroom flooring, as a leak can spell disaster.

It’s probably obvious by now that there are far too many product options to make a clear cut answer as to whether tile flooring or wood flooring is better. Each situation is unique, and when you further factor in personal taste, the issue becomes even more complicated. The best thing to do is consult with a remodeling contractor who can listen to your concerns and desires to best advise you on which product is best for your situation.


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