How Chic Is Your Shower? Ideas for Custom ShowersThe average person spends 10 minutes a day in the shower. That’s 3,650 minutes a year. The average American lives 72 years, thus having spent 182 days and 12 hours in the shower grand total. Why not make that a custom shower experience? Here are some suggestions of things to consider:

S- Steam Showers, Shower Heads & Spa Jets – It’s not just about getting clean anymore. Your custom shower can have up to 18 spray jets on all three walls, shower heads that make it feel like it’s raining on you, and jets on the floor to massage your feet while you shower.

H- Heated Tile & Hardware Jets massaging your feet may feel freaky, but heated tile when you step in will be a nice change in your custom shower. And the hardware you can use is expansive– everything from brushed nickel to rustic steel.

O- Owner’s Preference The great thing about custom showers is that you get to totally choose every aspect of your shower. The color, size and material you use are all up to you, and you can use everything from large ceramic tiles to smaller mosaic glass. The possibilities are endless.

W- Walk-ins Walk-ins are all the rage with custom showers. Tile that extends from the floor directly into the shower is stylish and functional. It’s also easier for elderly people or those with disabilities, so you don’t have to climb into a tub or trip over a door frame.

E- Entertainment Showers can now come with televisions and phones! So you can master the art of multitasking by taking on the phone, watching your favorite sitcom, and getting clean, all at the same time!

R- Regal & Luxurious If you can imagine it in a custom shower, it can be done. 182 days and 12 hours is a long time to not enjoy showering, so dream big. And there’s no better way to dream big than with Carolinas Custom Kitchen and Bath Center in Mooresville, North Carolina!