Wood CabinetsThe wood cabinets in our homes are put to work as they are constantly exposed to grease, dirt, grime, water vapor, and oils from our fingers. Without proper attention and regular cleaning, the wood will deteriorate faster than it should. We want you to love your wood cabinetry and have it look in top-notch condition for years to come. Here are our recommendations for how to keep your wood cabinets gleaming.

How to Care for Your Wood Cabinets

Be sure to dust your wood cabinets frequently. Gritty dust can scratch the surface of your cabinets, so wiping them off every few days will help keep them looking nice and new. Don’t allow your cabinets to get excessively wet. Steam from showering in the bathroom or cooking in the kitchen will accumulate on your cabinets. Be sure to wipe them down as soon as possible to prevent long exposure to the moisture. Over time, the moisture will seep into the wood, causing it to warp and crack. Keeping the wood dry will help the wood stay healthy and keep its shape.

For general cleaning, oil-soap wood cleaners work great on wood cabinets. You can also disinfect by using anti-bacterial all-purpose cleaners. Just be sure that you aren’t allowing the cabinets to stay wet for a long time. You can wipe them down with a dry cloth after they have been cleaned.

Your wood cabinets are a big investment and make a statement on your home. Well-kept kitchens and bathrooms are the main selling point of houses, so be sure to keep your cabinets in pristine condition for a better market value on your home. Regardless of whether you are thinking about selling or not, you want your home to be a place of enjoyment and relaxation. Maintaining the beauty of your wood cabinets will go a long way to giving you the joy and satisfaction of living in your lovely home.