Cabinet Installation

In a world of home repair shows, Pinterest and YouTube instructional videos, “DIY” is an acronym inspiring the average Joe to take on any project with the confidence of a skilled and trained professional. However, this confidence fades as the project shifts from dream to reality, and the hangs ups are unfixable with the average tutorial found online. Cabinet installation is definitely one of these projects.

There are several difficult steps when installing kitchen cabinets. Taking the measurements is one of the first things to do, and measuring something even a quarter of an inch in the wrong direction means redoing it several times or cocking your head in the opposite direction for the rest of your life to compensate—it’s a literal pain in the neck! When measuring for cabinet installation, don’t forget to take into account the measurements of the new appliances, the height of the ceiling, and the location of the plumbing and electricity. Fridges look awkward in spaces that are too big, and they look even more awkward in the living room because the space was too small.

After measuring the cabinets, you need to find the best place to hang them according to the studs in your walls. Ever tried to find studs? Even with a stud finder, this is not easy. But don’t get the cabinets screwed securely into the studs, and your grandmother’s china ends up in a million pieces inside a fallen-down cabinet. And fasteners are a must, but good luck walking down the aisle at Home Depot and choosing the exact right ones out of many different sizes and brands.

Let’s assume you get the correct measurements and have found where to install the kitchen cabinets and with which fasteners. The actual process of hanging the heavy things up on the wall is no small task. You need at least one other person to help you. Holding them up while someone screws them in is a herculean task, so if your brother-in-law doesn’t have such muscles, again, you may be dealing with the head-cock neck pain for the rest of your life because of the shifted weight. And this is also assuming that your walls are perfect.

So while it’s probably fine to take on projects like knitting, nail art or changing a tire with the help of an online tutorial, cabinet installation is not one of these DIY projects. Our professionals at Carolinas Custom Kitchen and Bath Center in Mooresville, North Carolina know how to deal with all these problems. The peace of mind is worth the minimal cost. Leave the kitchen cabinet installation to us– your neck will thank you!