Bathroom Design: Five Popular & Timeless Trends
Updating a bathroom can be a huge undertaking, but in the end the results are always worth it. One of the most important parts of a bathroom remodel is deciding on the bathroom’s design. If you don’t already have your dream bathroom design figured out, here are five popular and timeless trends for you to consider.

  1. White and gray. When it comes to color for a bathroom design, clean and calm is the current trend. White and gray bathrooms are timeless and bright. They have a clean feel, and when done right, they don’t feel “sterile”. Another great perk of these bathrooms is how easy it is to accessorize with towels and rugs in any color you choose.
  2. Separate shower and bath. For many years, the simple shower/bath fiberglass combination took over homes. But now, with new high-end homes and modern bathroom remodels, we see many people who are choosing to separate the two with amazing results.
  3. Glass shower. Glass showers are truly a timeless and gorgeous statement for any bathroom. Not only do they look great, but they also open up a bathroom and can make it feel larger. Glass showers can also be built in many sizes, so even a very small bathroom can benefit.
  4. Large, unique bath. If you have a large bathroom that you are ready to remodel, this is a bathroom design feature to really consider. A large and unique bath can become the showstopper of your home.
  5. Natural or abundant lighting. One of the reasons that white bathrooms are in style right now is because of how light they are. Bright lighting, whether from large windows or artificial lighting, is very popular in bathrooms right now. By adding significant light into your bathroom design, you are sure to be satisfied.

Bathroom Design
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