5 Innovative Kitchen Design Ideas for Short People

Creating a kitchen that can accommodate all users is an important aspect of superior design. Standard kitchen layouts and features may pose challenges for those on the shorter side. However, with innovative kitchen design ideas, your kitchen can become a comfortable and efficient space, regardless of your height.

Here are five design ideas from our team at Carolinas Custom Kitchen & Bath Center that can enhance kitchen accessibility and functionality for short people.

  1. Lower Countertops. A standard countertop height of 36 inches can be too high for some, so consider adding a section of lower countertops can make food prep easier for shorter individuals if multiple people use the kitchen.
  2. Accessible Upper Cabinets. Reaching upper cabinets can be a struggle if you’re shorter. Consider bringing your upper cabinets down a few inches to make them more accessible. Another solution is to install pull-down shelving systems inside your cabinets.
  3. Toe-Kick Step Stools. A toe-kick step stool stored in the recess beneath your lower cabinets is a great tool for short individuals. It’s out of the way when not in use, but when you need a boost, it pulls out easily.
  4. Deep Drawers & Pull-Out Shelves. Lower cabinets with deep drawers and pull-out shelves can make kitchen items more accessible without having to reach or stoop. This is a wonderful way to store pots, pans, and appliances.
  5. Lowered Microwave & Appliances. Instead of installing the microwave above the stove, consider a drawer microwave installed below the countertop. Similarly, other appliances like dishwashers and ovens can be installed at a more accessible height.

Good kitchen design should cater to the needs of all users. If you’re considering a kitchen remodel, our experienced designers can help you incorporate these innovative ideas into your kitchen design. Visit our Mooresville, North Carolina showroom, or contact us today to start planning your dream kitchen.