3 Transformations in Bathroom Remodeling

Bathrooms should be more than just functional– they should be visually appealing, too! Luckily, creating a modern, stylish, and classy bathroom isn’t as hard as you think when you begin bathroom remodeling. Bathroom remodeling opens up a lot of options and possibilities to choose from, and it might be hard to know where to start. Though there are hundreds of remodeling transformations for your bathroom, here are three ways you can get the bathroom you’ve always wanted.

  • Walls can be moved: Some bathrooms have walls that divide the bathtub/toilet area from the vanity section. While this separation can be functional, it’s not always attractive. If you’re looking for an open layout for your bathroom, go ahead and knock out these walls and reposition a few things to give your bathroom more space.
  • Get new fixtures: Nothing in your bathroom has to stay permanently. Don’t like the sink/counter combo? Replace it with an updated vanity and mirror. Tired of the old bathtub? Give your bathroom a new shower/bathtub combo or stand-alone shower. The possibilities are endless.
  • Create a color scheme: One of the best ways to tie your whole bathroom together is by determining a color scheme. This is a great way to help you decide which fixtures to choose, as well as what accents and décor pieces to add to your bathroom. That way, you can have a stylish and trendy bathroom that still feels cohesive.

Bathroom remodeling opens up a lot of creative possibilities. Contact us here at Carolinas Custom Kitchen & Bath Center today for more information!