It seems that metal, laminate, and thermofoil kitchen cabinets are increasing in popularity. This may come from an effort to have a modern-looking kitchen or as a way to save money, but if you have the choice, we would suggest avoiding the trend and sticking with wood cabinets. Wood cabinets have been the best choice for your kitchen for years, and here are a few reasons why they still should be your #1 choice:

wooden cabinets1. Classic: Though the sleek look of metal cabinets may be trending right now, it probably won’t be 10 years from now. Trends have a way of dying out sooner rather than later, and you don’t want to be stuck with a kitchen that is outdated. Wood cabinets are classic; they will never go out of style. Even if you choose a stain or finish that is stylish now, you can repaint/re-stain/refinish in a few years as needed. Also if you find you need to sell your house, wood cabinets are much better for resale value than anything else.

2. Durable: Wood cabinets will last for years, especially if cared for properly. You can prevent damage to your cabinets simply by cleaning them regularly (preventing any chance of mold growth or insect infestations). If you live in a high-moisture area or somewhere susceptible to bugs, you can choose a type of wood for your cabinets that naturally resists damage (such as cedar or teak).

3. Cost Effective: Choosing wood cabinets in your price range is easy because you have so many options when it comes to types of wood. Prices differ for each wood type, so you can choose what best suits your kitchen and your budget. Because wood is so easy to work with, the installation and even customization prices are lower than they would be if you chose metal.