Reasons to Choose Custom Kitchen CabinetsThere are three main reasons for you to choose custom kitchen cabinets – higher quality, full customization, and unique appearance. At Carolinas Custom Kitchen & Bath Center, we know custom kitchen cabinets are not for everyone, but we would love the opportunity to meet with you and see if one or more of these reasons would make it a good option for your Lake Norman, NC home.

  • Higher Quality – Custom kitchen cabinets are made by hand by skilled cabinet makers who take pride in their work, using quality materials and specialized techniques far superior to out-of-the-box cabinetry. You will enjoy sturdier slides and braces, as well as stronger joints. This all equates to kitchen cabinets that last and continue to look great for years.
  • Full Customization – The ability to design your kitchen cabinets to use every inch of space means you don’t have those spots where you squeeze in the things you don’t use very often and then struggle to get them out. You can also choose exactly what elements you need in your kitchen and leave out those you don’t. You choose how high the kitchen cabinets are and where they are located, rather than having to adjust your desires around a standard-dimension product.
  • Unique Appearance – Your kitchen cabinets will be completely unique to you. Even though stock or semi-custom cabinets have a lot of choices, you’d still end up with something hundreds or thousands of other homes have. With custom kitchen cabinets, nobody else’s kitchen looks like yours. You choose the wood, you choose the dimensions, you choose the features, and you choose the colors.

Let our talented and experienced kitchen cabinet designers guide you through all the options and give you a quote that just might surprise you– in a good way, of course! Even if you think you may end up going with stock kitchen cabinets, at least we will have helped you make an informed decision.